Corporate Workshops


Programs can be customized for corporate retreats. Two popular workshops have been:

Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion

Modern society does not have an appropriate place for the emotion of Anger. We have been taught to suppress this emotion, or stigmatized it as Bad. There does not seem to be place where we can allow this to be as it is just one of the many emotions we express. Through this process we will begin the process of normalizing anger, so we can deal with it in an effective productive manner.

This workshop is designed to recognize Anger and see how it develops. One we have done this we can then channel this powerful emotion into a productive tool. Most folks are not aware that “anger” is rising, so once it’s there they have already been swept up by it’s awesome power. The first part of this process will be to identify what causes us to become angry. We will use journaling and facilitated group discussion for this. Once the what has been identified we will then begin the process of channelling. For this We will employ techniques used in Theatre, (Role Play) Drumming( for raw expression), Dance and Yoga to find the appropriate way for each individual to channel this misunderstood emotion into a productive tool for growth.

Back into our Focus

60-80% of North Americans will suffer from some back ailments in their life time, this according to The American College of Sports Medicine. The cost to employers runs into the Billions of Dollars, annually. The main causes of back injuries are Stress and Activity Limitation. This means that if we do not use the back, and spine correctly we will incur some sort of back ailment. The physical state of the spine determines how well it functions and use and injury will alter it’s structure. The interrelation between structure and function is central to understanding many back problems. We are all born with a certain Kyphosis, curvature of the neck, and Lordosis, curvature of the low back. These both must be maintained in order for the spine to function effectively.

Most corporate employees spend , on average 60 hours a week working at their desks and computers. This does not allow much time for the spine to get it’s necessary movement. Over a period of time these employees will develop Low Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain and Computer Slouch. All these can become chronic.,. The spine carries important information to and from the brain to various part of the body. If this main artery of information is clogged or out of service it would definitely impair ones judgment to make the best decision for any given situation.

In this workshop we’ll use Yoga and Breath work to open up effected areas : ranging from the neck to the pelvis. The spine is bookended by the shoulder girdle and the pelvic girdle. We’ll learn how to keep these areas loose, open and strengthened. Through a simple set of postures we can insure to keep the work force healthy, and productive.

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