Tantric Hatha Yoga

Tantra and Hatha yoga are deeply connected to each other by their roots. Ha-Tha are powerful practices that allows us to bring together two opposite energies into a symbiotic relationship for clarity and transformation. The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit, its root tan means to expand, and the word tantra means to weave, or loom together.

There are several important aspects to a Tantric practice. These include Deva, Mantra, Mudra, Prana, and Nyasa. As we are connecting all the elements of a Tantric Hatha practice, we will also include a dynamic alignment based Asana sequence that will allow us to flow from one practice to the next.

Initially, we will look at the above mentioned practices on their own, and as the workshop evolves we will begin to incorporate these practices into one flowing practice. In this incorporative practice, we will have the opportunity to experience the profound connection between Hatha and Tantra.

Come with an open mind and we will all experience the depth of Tantric Hatha Yoga!

Jai Shri Ma!

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